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The "GODZ" Award

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Each Month I will announce the winner, and the recipe will appear on the main page

If it's the best tasting, ultimate, to die for, can't get enough of, mouth watering, write home to mom about, tell all your friends, can't live without....then it can only be...

"Food of the GODZ"

Ok, so you think this is some simple award that you can win just by submitting a recipe right? Wrong! This is "big time"! It is an honor to win this, and not easy to win. I do not claim to be a "chef" (and I'm no Betty Crocker either!) but I do know when I find something good! Each month I will ask for a certain recipe (this month is "Best Cheesecake") if you think you have the best recipe, send it in!

The Guidelines are pretty simple

1.) Submit your recipe

2.) Give good instructions

3.) Tell us what you serve with it

That's all folks!

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"Food of the GODZ" Winners List

December Winner

Cindy from Willoughby Hills, Ohio


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November Winner

David from Texas

David's Web Page Lobos Retreat

Quick and Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake

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October Winner

Kathy from Willoughby Hills, Ohio

Cream Cheesecake

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September Winner

Kathleen from Grand River, Ohio

Chicken wrapped in Bacon

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Jayne from Mentor, Ohio

Crab Rollups

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